About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Monique and I’m a 20-something chick living in a hick town in Queensland, drooling over food. I’ve pretty much been into cooking my whole life but I really started getting obsessed when I started living by myself and could have free reign over the kitchen. The kitchen is my happy place. Don’t mess with me when I’m in my happy place.

I’m currently a town planner but am studying nutrition. Yes I do see the hypocrisy in having a baking blog so no I do not need to you to inform me. I just really love sugar and will happily admit my addiction.  

Thanks to living in a hick town with zero cool/fun/delicious food places, I am constantly travelling around Australia to eat. Yes I am poor but the food is worth it.
I’m very much an amateur with this whole ‘public spectrum’ so be nice (and/or praise me even when I’m shit). My photographs will improve with time and a bomb practice (we can hope)...

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