Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentines Day Part 3

Alright, I’ll finish V-day just quickly.

My appreciation and admiration for one Miss Bakerella has increased 10 fold. After attempting cake pops for the first time, her magic crazy skills now mess with my head.
Although I do know where I went wrong.
  1. My mixture was too moist.
  2. I need to have more patience.
I did try to mold them into hearts, but the mixture kept sticking to my hands and it just got too messy. I couldn’t change it since I had no more cake. So alas. Although I think they turned out ok given it was my first time. I did struggle with the candy coating. It was just supremely thick and took about half an hour to melt (not helped by the fact I had zero patience and kept trying to quicken the process, buring most of it). I have no idea if that’s normal. Eventually I just blobbed it on the cake pop and covered it with my hands. Not the most glamorous of ways, but any other way just ripped the cake off the stick or coated it far too thick.

Anyway, below is the final product. I was told they tasted ok – but I think that was a bit of a lie.

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