Friday, January 10, 2014

Dr Oz Cleanse Review

So I did it. I did the whole 3 day cleanse. Would you like a review?

Too bad – you’re getting it anyway.
The blender:

I used one of those mini food processors so I presume mine were chunkier than intended. Probably not the best if you find it difficult to stomach half solid half liquid.
The drinks:

Breakfast was ok. I HATE banana – the small alone makes me gag. But I was determined to follow the ingredients so I held my breath and included it. Thankfully, you can only JUST taste the banana so I was able to stomach it. Besides that, fairly decent.  For those who like banana, you’d actually quite enjoy it.
Lunch was disgusting. The first day I put way too much celery so it just tasted like thick, mushy celery. Not appetising at all. The other two days were okaaaaay. However I would recommend using a proper blender for this drink. It didn’t matter how long I blitzed it for, it was still more solid than liquid. I actually ate it with a spoon. Nasty.

Dinner was delicious. I’m actually going to keep the recipe in my arsenal for future use. It was smooth, delicious and very satisfying.
The effects:

Did I cheat? Yes – although I really don’t think it counts. I ate one fresh apricot at about 4pm on the second and third day. I chose to not have the afternoon 'snack' shake each day, which meant I was starving at that time and the apricot helped me through to dinner. If I had the afternoon shake, I probably wouldn’t have had the dinner shake. I have a small stomach capacity.
Did I feel any different? No. I saw zero effects. I did not feel cleansed, my skin did not look better and I saw no positive effects. I did however lose energy. I went to gym on the final night and could only manage three quarters of my work out. I blame the lack of protein. I’m sure if your diet generally consisted of bulk sugar and processed foods, you may feel some effects, but my diet is generally pretty good so alas.

Would I do it again? Probably not. It was good for my willpower, and saying no to all the temptations almost makes me proud, but given the costs ($60 for the 3 days), and the lack of effects I wouldn’t do the whole cleanse again.  
I’d only recommend it to test yourself.  The feeling of knowing you can stick to your guns is pretty cool.

Now? Back to CHEWING!

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