Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fish and Chips

Just a quick post to say G’day. I don’t have a special one to post today on account of the lack of cooking in the past week. (I use that excuse a lot ey?)

Last weekend was my cousin’s wedding. She was beeeeautiful in her big, fluffy, sparkly dress and little tiara. Total princess. Her vows were also awesome, hilarious, and true. Things like “I promise to buy you cheeseburgers when you’re hung over” which I think is real love. I mean, you can harp on about honesty and trust, but it’s the small things between a couple which makes them. It might not mean much to everyone else, but it is their way of showing their love and devotion. It’s the small things that make a good relationship great.
Anyway, that is why I didn’t cook anything over the weekend, and all last week....actually I can’t remember what I ate last week. Probably scrambled eggs. #singlelife

Last night I whipped up some better-for-you fish and chips to represent England at the World Cup. Yes I know they got kicked out a while ago, but still...fish and chips are awesome.
I coat my fish in flour and lightly fry in oil. For the chips, I cut into wedges, douse in olive oil and oodles of rosemary (best herb ever btw). Fry until crispy and cover in salt. BAM

Thank you England for your glorious contribution to the world. Also for David Beckham who is arguably, just as delicious.

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