Friday, August 1, 2014

Foods Not Blogged

So I thought I’d do something a bit different today.

I cook a lot of food and only about a quater of what I cook ends up on the blog. So I figured I’d just show you some other stuff I haven’t blogged about.
First up are the ice cream sandwiches (because ice cream always takes priority). These were good, but not bloggable. They’re coconut ice cream with almond cookies. You know how there are some “no churn” methods of making the great cream? Yeah I don’t buy it. This was my 3rd attempt and I still didn’t get the consistency of the churned ice cream. So please tell me if you’ve had good results without a machine?? Still, they look impressive ey ;)

Second in the race is a delicious Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup. I made this when I could feel a could coming on. It’s just a normal pumpkin soup, with added coconut milk and bulk curry powder. It was a really good twist from the traditional. Try it out. Alas, it did not save me and I was still horribly sick.

Coming third in the race is a really weirdly delicious Raw Salad. This is from the I Quit Sugar cookbook. My sister told me I HAD to make it, and she didn’t lead me astray. It's made from cauliflower, cucumber and carrot and is crunchy and creamy and so moreish. It’s not very filling though, but as a side salad it was amazing! I think I made a dressing of 80% sour cream and 20% low fat mayo. Go check it out.

Lastly, dragging their feet and complaining of blisters are these Berry Pancakes. These look plain but are super hectic. I made these when I was on an epic fitness frenzy (they tend to strike like lightening and leave just as quickly). They’re made with wholemeal flour, berry muesli and vanilla protein powder and topped with a blueberry smash. Pretty good. I’d dare anyone to eat 3 of these and not get a food baby!


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