Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day Part 1

So, how was your Valentines? I love Valentines. I love being romantic, seeing other people being romantic, any romantic stories. I love couples, I love the warmth, togetherness and sharing. I love love. I’m the hugest sucker for anything that is linked to affection. I hold high expectations for V-day, well any day, but especially on V-day.

However, not going to lie, mine was a little disappointing. On the plus side, my very unromantic, somewhat sterile boyfriend did send me the largest arrangement of flowers so that was a lovely, exciting, happy surprise. However, I also had dental work done that morning, so my day was spent a) laying on my back with a man drilling at my teeth and b) with a numb, drooly face. I was fairly devastated. Also devastated for the fact that I had made so much sweet delicious things, which I then could not eat.
Buuut life goes on. I shouldn’t try to get so upset. Chill Monique (silent tears)
So what did I bake?  I’ll do this over 3 days to avoid that annoyingly long single post with far too many topics.

Chocolate Heart Cookies

Well, first I made chocolate heart cookies for my work. I was intending on making them cookie sandwiches but 1. The cookie to frosting ratio wasn’t working for me and 2. I couldn’t find a smaller cutter in the 5 different shops I searched. T’was very tragic. So I did very simple piping (mainly for time restraint reasons). Although, I’m not going to share the recipe because although it was nice, there are far better versions out there and I wouldn’t recommend this one.
The dough was very moist – unrollable moist. So I chucked in heaps more flour and then chilled it for about an hour. The dough was very easy to handle after that and they cooked super fast (which always pleases me). They had a great chocolate flavour, but thanks to the additional mountain of flour I added, a bit too powdery for my liking. I like my sugar cookies to melt in my mouth, and be super soft and these just didn’t cut it. Of course no one else noticed these flaws, but I will not settle! (of course it could be noted that I misread the recipe which does happen from time to time)

I’ve found a different recipe that uses brown sugar instead of icing sugar, and has far more flour, so I’ll attempt these ones and report on the results.  I’ll also buy some small cutters online.

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